We believe in traditional values

Generations of Experience

At Angelo’s Cabarita, experience a legacy of Italian culinary artistry, nestled in the serene embrace of Prince Edward Park by the Parramatta River, where every dish tells a story of tradition and innovation.

A Symphony of Flavours

Immerse yourself in the exquisite culinary tapestry at Angelo’s Cabarita, where Italian tradition meets contemporary flair. Our cuisine is a celebration of Italy’s diverse regions, brought to life with the freshest local ingredients. Each dish is a masterpiece, carefully crafted to evoke the authentic tastes of Italy while embracing modern culinary trends. From the succulent seafood platters that mirror our waterfront setting to the rich, aromatic pastas and risottos, every bite is a journey through Italy’s gastronomic landscape. Our chefs, artisans of flavour, skilfully blend the simplicity of traditional Italian cooking with innovative techniques, creating a menu that is both familiar and intriguing.

A Waterfront Oasis

Angelo’s Cabarita is not just a culinary destination but a scenic retreat nestled in the heart of Prince Edward Park. Our venue, a harmonious blend of elegance and tranquillity, sits majestically on the banks of the serene Parramatta River, offering breathtaking waterfront views. Surrounded by the lush greenery of the park, our guests enjoy a unique dining ambiance that combines the beauty of nature with sophisticated comfort. The sweeping views of the river provide a captivating backdrop, enhancing the dining experience with a sense of peaceful seclusion. Whether basking in the warm glow of sunset or admiring the gentle ripple of the water, Angelo’s location is a tranquil haven, a perfect escape from the bustle of city life.

The Family Business

Angelo’s Cabarita began as the vision of its eponymous founder, Angelo, who infused every dish with the richness of Italian heritage and a passion for culinary excellence. Today, the torch of tradition is carried forward by his son, Guy, who continues to manage the restaurant with the same dedication and love for authentic Italian cuisine. Under his guidance, Angelo’s has remained a cherished landmark, blending time-honoured recipes with contemporary innovation. This family-run gem, more than just a restaurant, is a testament to a father’s legacy and a son’s devotion, where every patron is treated like family and every meal is a celebration of our rich culinary history.